Our services

We offer a high quality & wide range of services in all types of transport.

Taxi service

Our Taxi service always works on call. You will order us and we will always wait for you at the booked place. We are punctual & more accurate than your watches and we have only pleasing and professional drivers. We guarantee you maximum comfort with fast and safe ride.

Airport transfer

Do you have booked tickets and you still don’t know how you will travell to airport? We have drivers and vehicles that are directly specialized for this solution. Fly will start in 2 hours but you are still thinking how to carry your baggage in time to the airport? We have a solution for you!

Business Taxi

Are you stressed form the time and rush in business or from the work of a sales manager without vehicle? Are you thinking about another irrelevant things when you still dont have all your work ready? We offer Business Taxi which you can organize your business during the ride. Maybe you can enjoy morning coffee today.

Railstation transport

Every time you arrive we will be waiting for you. We will transport you quickly and comfortably wherever you need. Our drivers are flexible and they can adapt to all your needs, no matter what amount of luggage you currently have.

Hotel Taxi

You will be transported directly into the hotel with your reservation. You don’t have reservation yet? Our drivers will gladly suggest the best accomodation available according to your demands for the maximum satisfaction.

Courier services

We’ll ship your package anywhere you need. If you’ve forgotten to deliver some package ,we offer you the most convenient and fastest solution. This service can be provided within 24 hours.

Social events

Are you preparing for lunch, dinner or family celebration? With our services you have a comfortable transport directly to the event, where you are going. Professional drivers with elegant and clean vehicles will transport you everywhere at the right time. You can prepare for the event which is waiting for you to leave the right impression.

Wedding vehicle

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. It brings you an incredible amount of emotions and leaves you with an experience that you will never repeat. An elegant, clean and shiny limousine is an integral part of it. We will decorate the limousine, which together with the driver will ensure that one of the most important days in your life becomes unforgettable.

Night ride

After a busy week full of work, most of us rush for a variety of events which are full of fun and our friends. We offer you a safe ride even in late night hours and we will make sure that you do not wake up in an unknown place in the morning hours.

Car rental

A complete novelty of our services is the possibility of rent a car. You can rent your vehicle at your chosen time, either alone or even with a professional driver. All is at your choice.

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